FOA S2 Return Last Fix1.w3x

Map Fight Of Anime SS2 Return created by Anime fans 

New Update Fight of Anime Return SS2 Last fix 1
Fix Abilities :
– Fix Kuroyukihime Skill W
– Fix Damage Nanaya Shiki
– Fix Damage Tohno Shiki
– Fix Bug
– Fix Kurogane ikki q

Next update 
Will add 3 hero :
Shiki Nanaya
Shiki Tohno
And badnews
This is last update (T_T)
And Sistine Fibel will deleted
(Aaaa no my waifuu T^T)
Cause we have a reason about that.

Server Indogamers FOA S2 Return Last Fix
Gray Preview In battle
Thanks to Oliverskys / _Lucifer

Download: FOA S2 Return Last Fix1.w3x