DotA v6.88g Allstars.w3x

Getdota map v6.88g by Icefrog – Edit by DracoL1ch (Released on January/26/2017)

  • Fixed Geminate attack attacks behavior
  • Fixed Tricks of the Trade attacks behavior
  • Improved Shukuchi attack-reveal behavior
  • Fixed Devour order ID conflict with Ensnare
  • New counters for Stealing abilities – OD, Slark, Silencer, Pudge, Undying
  • Fixed Morphling lack 20 base HP

dota v6.88g

  • Fixed Flaming Fist enemies filter could be incorrect
  • Fixed Geminate attack not being disabled by Break
  • Fixed Poison Touch breaking Linken’s Sphere
  • Fixed Headshot didn’t use pseudo-random
  • Earth Split now affects ancients
  • Added visual effect applied to units who got Magnetized
  • Soul Assumption no longer hides amount of charges while ability is on cooldown
  • Fixed Devoured resistance aura disappearing on death

See full changelog here: Dota v6.88g changelog