Dota v6.88c

Map Dota v6.88c.w3x by Icefrog

Fixed Jakiro, Spiritbreaker, Chieftain & Earthshaker had incorrect visual turn speed
Smoke Screen now affects invulnerable enemies
Static Field now affects invulnerable enemies
Every unit with default 300 range vision has been updated to reveal this radius properly
Fixed issues with damage incrementers and damage return
Roshan slam cd 6 -> 10
Test command -l now level up to 25 if no level stated
Fixed double clicking recipe from courier didn’t count the hero’s items
Fixed bug with one-click buying if items carrier is dead
Linken now supported on WTF
Fixed couriers didn’t provide exp for killing
Improved Quelling bonus iteraction with cleave
Kickafk system improved
Added sound warning for buyback

Beta changelog:

Improved fatal error info
Fixed few fatal error possibilities
Fixed Dagger double click
Fixed Torrent slow worked like haste
Fixed Potm’s Agh
Fixed Lens + shockwaves
Fixed various Boots of travel targets abuses
Fixed heartstopper visual aura range
Fixed Shadow wave visual effect
Fixed Tricks or Trade leveling rules
Courier won’t stop any longer if morphed while delivering stuff
Fixed multicasted Bloodlust affecting way too many dummies
Fixed Fiery Fire consumable counted as a spell
Improved creep pathing
Fixed Fortune’s end interaction with Repel, it cannot be casted onto immune enemies as well
Fixed borrowed Tango teleportating to the center of the map if picked up by Circle of Power
Fixed missing models of Minefield sign and Eidolons
Fixed Astral Imprisonment paritical malfunction with Ulti and Linken
Fixed Earth Spirit and Ember spirit summons could go out from the map
Relocate now supports double click and re-target the Wisp to the fountain
Fixed Relocate doesn’t return Wisp
Fixed missing Jinada visuals
Fixed Holy Persuation issue with Ancients
Double click helper (self-casts) is now option in the Circle of Power (disabled by default), also chat alias “-dch”
Fixed Zeus’ ulti malfunction
Fixed Gush Agh cd
Fixed Arcane curse visual
Fixed -si and new wards

Download: Dota v6.88c download – Dota v6.88c download