DotA Allstars 6.88t9 RGC

Getdota  map Dota 6.88t9 RGC changelogs: (DotA Allstars 6.88t9.w3x)

  • Fixed random desync issue (?)
  • Fixed shared Bottle charge wasn’t updated to smooth healing and being outdated in general
  • Quelling Blade and Battle Fury bonus damage now stackable again (Dota2 style)
  • Fixed Doom didn’t prevent unit from using inventory
  • Fixed Doom (Agh) applying permanent silence if doesn’t kill the target in time
  • Fixed Suicide Squad Attack didn’t benefit of Spell Amplify bonuses
  • Fixed visual counters on skills not updating fast enough
  • Added level indicator and flickering to Rabid, Bloodlust buffs
  • Added level indicator to Burning Spears debuff
  • Fixed Inner Vitality duration stacking
  • Fixed leveling issue with Vampiric Aura when toggled to hero-only
  • Game will be automatically closed after every non-single player game to avoid crashes.

Full changelogs: Dota map 6.88t9 RGC changelog