Dota 6.88f

Map DotA v6.88f Allstars.w3x by Icefrog. Edit and update by DracoL1ch

  • Fixed Meat hook accuracy counter
  • Fixed RD/CD pick time vision
  • Flying unit can now miss from lowground
  • Fixed -names command behavior
  • Smoke of deceit now reveals upon towers (not fountain)
  • Smoke of Deceit is no longer penetrated by truesight
  • Ice Blast invisibility improved, it can now be tracked manually by caster or his allies
  • Lycan Wolves now spawns next to him, by right and left sides
  • Fixed Power Cogs AoE at corners and improved perfomance
  • Power Cogs no longer reacts on invulnerable units
  • Macropyre now includes spell bonus damage, visual effects improved
  • Fixed Primal Split could be “aborted” wasting cooldown and it’s effect
  • Fixed potentinal abuse with -sleep

See full changelog here: Dota 6.88f full changelog


  • Fixed Balanar’s Void always slowed for 2.5s at night time
  • Icarus Dive no longer affects invulnerable units
  • Fixed few memory leaks
  • Wall of Replica now correctly affects invisible enemies
  • Wall of Replica’s illusions now have 0.1 second of invulnerability on spawn
  • Vacuum now applies Stun on the pulled enemies instead of slow

Download: Dota 6.88f download – Dota v6.88f download