Dota 6.85n3 lod

DotA LoD 6.85n3.w3x map created by DracoL1ch 2018
Config file name changed from “config.lod” to “config.lod.ini”

Fixes and non-balance changes

  • Fixed Macropyre dealing twice as much bonus damage to heroes
  • Fixed Macropyre not destroying trees
  • Fixed Reactive Armor providing a small permanent bonus when leveled in specific situations
  • Finally fixed a group leak on DM caused by 150+ frags
  • Gifted Aghanim now applies to the next hero on DM mode
  • Fixed Static Field keep triggering on-enemy-cast even while being affected by Break
  • Fixed some secondary subskills counting as proper spell cast
  • Ghost Form (KOTL’s ulty) no longer counts as valid spell cast
  • Fountains cannot miss anymore when S6 mode active
  • Fixed stun duration when diminishing returns active rounding down to closes decimal (1.15 -> 1.1 etc)
  • Stun diminishing return won’t consider stuns less than for 0.25 seconds (means it won’t penaltize following stuns just because unit have been affected by microstun)
  • Fixed improper damage reduction when attacking creeps with some protection buffs
  • Freezing Field, Rage and Life Break spell immunity no longer interrupt each other
  • Fixed Overcharge providing double or even bigger heal amount
  • Fixed Bloodrage (new) tooltip
  • Default -dm lives from 66 to 110
  • Black Hole cannot multicast anymore
  • Fixed Black Hole (agh) providing bonus Midnight Pulse damage only on 1 enemy
  • Black Hole no longer ignores ancient units

Full changelogs lod 6.85n here:  Dota 6.85n LOD full changelog

Download: DotA LoD 6.85n3.w3x (8561.9 kB – downloaded 8125 times.)
This map only supports Warcraft 3 patch 1.26! Not 1.24, 1.27, 1.28 or anything else