Dota 6.85l3 lod

Map DotA LoD 6.85l3.w3x created by DracoL1ch

  • Fixed even more Scroll of TP issues
  • Fixed even more DM-mode issues regarding heroes
  • Fixed Pulse Nova debuff messing with Supernova’s debuff and vice versa
  • Rearm cast time back from 4/3/2 to 3/2.5/2
  • Fixed Drums of War bonuses freezing when affected hero dies
  • Fixed Sprint tooltip being obsolete
  • Fixed crash with Rearm
  • Fixed ESC chat clearing affecting all players

See full changelogs here: Dota LOD v6.85l3 changelog


  • You can now swap taverns with ally using normal -swap command (only works in SD or MD mode). Any skills you picked will be cleared when swapping. Cannot be used outside SD and MD modes, or if bonus taverns mode D3/D4/D5 used (D2 allowed)
  • Reincarnation can no longer be picked with any Morph spells
  • Added 2 Courier limit per player (you can no longer have more than 2 couriers active)
  • Kill details in the final board replaced with “picked skills” by every player
  • All items on the ground are now destroyed by 1 attack
  • New visual effect for Pulse Nova and spell lifesteal (e.g. Octarine)
  • Upheaval no longer requires channeling, AoE reduced from 650 to 400, duration from 16 to 8 secs, cooldown from 50/46/42/38 to 40/36/32/28
  • Adaptiveness now provides its bonus based on your main stat (additionally to +mainstats): STR: 33% stun duration resistance, INT: + 10% spell lifesteal (hero), +5% from creeps, AGI: + 10% chance to oneshot creeps

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