Dota 6.83d AI Final English

Map Get DotA_v6.83dAI final.w3x english and chinese version

So, I decided to revise this figure came to an end, the final version to others. Compared with the top posts of DotA 6.83dAI Beta1.5 main changes there:

AI areas:

– Improving the skills of a large number of AI use conditions for a more relaxed conditions

– Improving conditions for a large number of AI use items

– A large number of the installed update for AI version of the popular attire

– Optimization AI reaction to discard items

– Add some AI logic jump face

– Updated built

– In CD AI certain skills to the latest data

– Fixed AI Vengefult error fluctuations

– Fixed AI dwarven Sniper pomegranate shotgun use

– AI will go out earlier to buy equipment, to go out earlier – command AI to go out dotted

– AI will buy and use the crimson armor

– Improved AI use consumables conditions, AI will buy and use the purified syrup

– AI use the body of the fake eye (or not buy eye)

– Simple and medium computer will buy a bird

– The deletion of AI go free treatment ring

– Cut out unnecessary additional AI initial money

– A simple balance and mad computers the experience gained additional rate other aspects:

– Increase the mechanism can not get money after buying live

– Some repair leaks

– Official code number of the map data in FIG sync on crash

Download: Dota 6.83d AI Final download – Dota 6.83d AI Final download (Chinese version)

Download: DotA 6.83d AI Final English download – Dota 6.83d AI final English (English version)