Dota 6.83d ai 1.50

Map DotA_v6.83d AI 1.50.w3x created by Chinese member

Dota 6.83d by Icefrog

Update Log 6.83d AI 1.50:
– Fixed AI Queen of Pain ultrasonic shock wave Skills Error
– Repair AI Skeleton King lethal combat skills Error
– Repair soul AI tormented demon decree skill Error
– Repair AI Shadowfiend evil purification Skills Error
– Repair guard AI Light soul form skills error
– Repair mark fairy dragon AI skills crescent release error
– Repair items may trigger failure BUG
– Map of stability fixes to improve
– To optimize AI conditions of use certain skills
– Optimization of the conditions of use of certain items AI
– AI TP optimized conditions of use
– Optimization of conditions AI retreat
– Optimization of AI playing field conditions
– So you find more details of the optimization

Download: DotA 6.83d AI 1.50 download – Dota 6.83d ai 1.50 download