Dota 6.83d AI 1.4e – 1.42

Map dota v6.83d Ai 1.4e and v1.42 AI download and update by Icefrog

This version use source AI from Dota PBMN. Computer (AI+++) can last hit and deny creep

Error -AI skills to release has already fixed 99%, only Gorefiend blood sacrifice, the computer will not let the white cow aura.

If you play when met ai hold other skills, you should only cast condition problems. (Previously only black Frostbolt do not have to play, and now Frostbolt silence plus plus aura I asked you afraid)
– Improve ai release skills
– Skills continue to optimize AI conditions of release
– Optimization of conditions to kill AI data
– Conflict continued to rehabilitate some of the hash table to solve a number of bug, to enhance stability on the second floor link

What do you think this version…Please comment below…Thank and have fun ^-^

Download: Dota 6.83d AI 1.4e  Dota 6.83d AI 1.42  DotA 6.83d AI 1.42