Dota 6.8 AI

Map Dota 6.88 AI created by Chinese member

This version Fixed-effects model lost re-upload the problem, there may be individual omissions, next time change.
6.88 basic reference terrain

Now AI uses the front of the Silver

The basis of life increased to 200, increased by 50 basis magic
Short-range attack distance to 150
Basis property provides synchronization of the magic of life grow 6.88
dota 6.8 ai map

dota 6.88 AI

  • Item price 6.88 basic synchronization, modify some of the items to synchronize 6.88
  • Increase withered stone
  • Increase wind spirits patterns
  • To increase knowledge of the book
  • Increased shimmer cloak
  • Increases exquisite heart
  • Increases Tinker a stick

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