Anime Fantasy v1.1

Map Anime Fantasy v1.1.w3x created by Nookaiser


  • Itachi’s [R] doesn’t change camera distance for him on hit.
  • Jellal’s [F] reworked, avoiding the use of buffs to avoid buff override effects.
  • Fixed a pause bug with Kakashi’s [R] (could move at the end even if he got paused by something else). He also can’t copy Natsu’s [R] anymore.
  • Natsu’s [R] no longer keeps him or the target paused if one dies.
  • Sasuke’s [T] fixed completely.
  • Ichigo’s [RR] now levels up accordingly to his [R] level.
  • Natsu’s [T] in dragon force camera bug fixed.
  • Hopefully fixed a lot of “stuck in the unpathable terrain” bugs.


  • Rogue shadow madness system reworked, avoiding buffs. Attacking with [E] active will remove it, if Shadow Posession is off.
  • Rogue’s [R] cast range decreased 500->400.
  • Sasuke’s [W] duration reduced 8->5 seconds.
  • Neji’s [T] cooldown increased 50->80 seconds.
  • Mystogan’s [F] stun duration increased 3->4 seconds.
  • Zancrow’s default STR gain per level reduced 2.6->2.2
  • Zancrow’s [R] damage reduced 8/9/10->6/7/8 x STR.
  • Kirito’s [R] cooldown reduced 90/95/100->60/50/40.
  • Ichigo now has shared cooldown on [Q] and [RQ].
  • Ichigo now has a 0.5 seconds delay (vulnerable) on his hollow posession in bankai before it starts off.
  • Sasuke’s [E] duration reduced to 7/10/12/15/17/20/22/25 and cooldown reduced to 50 seconds all levels.
  • All Towers attack range reduced 800->600.
  • Mallochio Ring effect is now a 250 AoE point target.
  • Thunder Ring duration reduced 7->5 seconds.

Download: Anime Fantasy v1.1.w3x (19082.82 kB – downloaded 421 times.)
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Mirror: Anime Fantasy 1.1